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Terms & Conditions of booking

"The Bitterness of Poor Quality remains long after  the sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten!"
Although you may find cheaper alternatives, the prices we charge reflects the quality of the service we give to you AND the quality of life we give to our beautiful flock of doves.
This includes a huge investment in the training of the doves, the provision of top grade food, vaccinations, shelter and care 365 days a year. We also have 4 very spacious lofts in an ideal location for the safety of the doves. Away from busy roads, in a position that is easy for them to locate.
The condition of our doves is plain to see, and we receive many compliments.

So be wary of cheaper alternatives, they may be cheap, but not always good value for money, and in some cases can ruin the experience for you.


What The Cost of Booking your Dove release includes and terms of booking.

Booking conditions
We will not release our birds indoors, at dusk, near electricity cables, into high wind or during an electrical storm. If there is an unreasonable delay in proceedings that is beyond our control, we reserve the right to release the birds to avoid causing them any distress, and no refund given. (we accept that Brides in particular can run a little late, and allow for up to 15 minutes for this in an average 30 minute ceremony.)

In the event of heavy rain, mist, high winds or an electrical storm, we reserve the right not to release the birds. In this scenario, we will still turn up for you to have the doves on display, have photos taken, gather your guests for the reading, and part refund will be given - the amount depending on distance from us. Display only cost starts at £95.
Our Doves are allowed in their cages for a MAXIMUM of 1 and 1/2 hours. Arriving late for the ceremony, may result in the doves not being released if the time allowed is exceeded. We aim to arrive 30 minutes before the bride, if  you expect the ceremony to take longer than 30 minutes (average is 25-35 minutes), you must inform us, so we can adjust our arrival time to ensure the doves are released within the time specified.
No refund will be given should the doves not be released in these circumstances.
For funerals, we will simply advise the funeral director that weather conditions will prevent the release of the doves, and we would not attend - no charge will be made. However there is an option to have the doves on display and your poem read for a smaller payment.
Cancellation less than 4 weeks before the wedding or event, full payment will be due and no refunds given, unless we can re book the date where 50% of payment will refunded. Cancellation by us due to unforeseen circumstances, a full refund will be given.
Our Birds are fed a special diet the day prior to your wedding or event; this helps prevent the birds having an "accident". They tend not to need the loo whilst being held anyway, but we cannot guarantee this. We will show you how to handle the birds correctly and position them so any "little accident" would be directed away from your garments. If booking a service that includes one or more people holding the birds, you must understand and agree that we cannot accept any responsibility should the Doves decide they need the loo! They are unlikely to, but we cant guarantee.
You agree that all images displaying our birds will not be used to promote any other businesses with the exception of the photographer retained at your event, without our prior consent. Any images taken by us will be used to promote our services on this website or through social media. Please advise us if you do not wish for us to use images taken by us prior to your event.
We need to be advised before hand how you wish to handle the doves; this is so we can prepare suitable release baskets in advance.
We can only train our doves to return home - we cannot guarantee that they will circle overhead before flying off.

If booking the doves in memory on your wedding day, we strongly advise you inform us of any name(s) to be mentioned by email to avoid errors in our speech.
The contents of this website must not be copied or reproduced in any part or as a whole. Images may not be transferred without written permission from Lovey Dovey UK. Failure to comply with the above in relation to copyright may result in legal action being taken by us.
Guarantee of Quality
We want you to be totally happy with the service we provide, and if you are not, we will refund your money in full or in part following discussion between us. Should any grievance be regarding our service leading up to your wedding or event, you must make us aware of this prior to your day, so we have the opportunity to put things right. Should you be unhappy with anything on your day*, we need to be informed within 48 hours of your event.
We always strive to be the best we can be, and provide doves that are in no less than fabulous condition. We are proud of the reputation we have earned over the years, and work hard to maintain the respect and recommendation of those that have used our services
* not being able to release the doves because of poor weather or delays that are not caused by us, although disappointing, we cannot be held responsible for the weather or delays by yourself, officiant or coordinators at the venue. 

To Make a Booking or
To reserve your date, please call 
(01443) 207457 | (07807) 561 964 | (07833) 694 523

To secure your booking, we need a deposit which, is non refundable. We require 50% of the total, but can be reasonably flexible on this. Balance is due 4 weeks before your event. We accept cheques, bank transfer, and most cards. (cards carry a processing charge - sorry!)

​​​​What you are paying for

Being a fairly new idea to the UK, there are probably questions you would like answered before booking. These are some of the most common questions, but please feel free to contact us to discuss in full.

1) I have been quoted a cheaper price from another company?
We understand cost is an important factor and there are several reasons why we may be £10-£25 more than others - but in some cases are £10-£15 less! The main factor being the number of doves we keep, and the number of lofts that need maintaining. in comparison. We have seen images from wedding photos in Aberdare Park where a guy turned up with a painted pigeon basked lined with The Cynnon Valley Leader! and himself in jeans and a jumper. We have also recently been informed of a company that contacted a local pigeon flyer to ask if he had seen their birds having lost many on a training flight. Obviously a great concern for the safety of the doves, but even more concerning was the action taken by them to catch strays or feral white pigeons from a known area in the valleys where a lot of white birds call home. This would be seriously damaging to the flock they have left, as disease will spread, but also to the captured birds, as they are not used to being housed. A cruel and unprofessional act all round.

Look for copy cats too! Anyone that copies images, text and ideas from others is a demonstration of lack of imagination. Very often when providing the service, we have to change plans; if someone has no imagination or idea, how would they cope at your special event should plans need to change?

1a) Is it not cruel to keep the birds locked up?
Yes, I think it would be. However our birds are free to come and go so they please themselves most of the time. Even on really bad weather days  its up to them whether they stay in or go out. They are only kept locked up overnight, and for 24 hours following vaccinations and other treatments that are needed to keep them well.
2) I have been told it is cruel to release doves into the wild, as they are not used to fending for themselves and would either starve or become prey to hawks.
Only the Rock Dove is released by us. This is because it is the same as a homing pigeon and has a remarkable homing instinct. Your celebration is not the first time our birds will have flown from the area. Our birds are trained to return home quickly and safely. Not only do our birds mean a lot to us, but the cost involved in breeding and caring for them is quite significant. Therefore it is in our interests as responsible animal lovers as well as business people to give our birds the best training to ensure they arrive home safely.
3)How do they find their way home?
From a young age the birds are let out for the first time. It takes weeks sometimes for them to get familiar with their surroundings before they range off. When the time is right, they are taken on regular training flights. We have 4 teams of birds, and each team will be trained from different geographical points. This gives them the best possible chance of "remembering" the way home. This is the "human" answer. Im sure the birds would say its sheer instinct and a love of home....we will never know 100%!
4) What if the birds do not return home and it has young ones in the nest, surley the young ones will die?
At Lovey Dovey, we are 100% committed to the success of our business. As such, we have enough birds to rotate and as yet we have had no need to take parents away from their young, and would rather refund your money and cancel your booking if we found ourselves in this position.
5) I would love the Doves at my event, but Im afraid they will need the loo at an inappropriate time and will mess over me?
There are 4 answers here; a) the birds like to perch before defecating and dont poo in flight. b) They are fed a special diet the day before and the morning of your event and are unlikely to need to go. c) In the unlikely event that they do need a poo, if you are holding the bird, we always show you how to best position the bird to "aim away!" d) their droppings tend to be hard - unlike wild birds, so it is unlikely to "stick" anywhere . To sum up, in over 30 years of handling birds, Rod has never had a bird poo whilst holding them.
6) Some of my guests are afraid/suspicious of birds, how can I overcome this?
Over this last year we have helped many bird fearing person overcome their anxieties. We are happy to meet with anyone to help reassure them, because we know how important it is to you to ensure your guests enjoy their day. Just let us know of anyone and we will do our bit to help.
7) What if it rains on the day, does this mean the birds will not be released?
Not necessarily. Birds can fly in the rain, as long as it is not heavy and they are not too far away from home. However if the rain is accompanied by mist, fog, lightening or gusting winds then we will not release them. In this scenario we will still turn up as planned and carry out the service up to the point where the doves would have been released. You will get a compensation payment refunded to you as agreed at time of booking. The doves will still add a very special touch to your day.
8) Are all the images on your website your own work?
Absolutely. We take photographs ourselves, but in a lot of cases the photographers have been fantastic and sent us professional images. I would question the integrity and professionalism of any business that misleads customers into believing the work of others is their own.
9) Will our event be displayed on your website?
It may. We try and update our images as often as possible, more often on our FaceBook page. If you have strong objections to this, please let us know at the time of booking otherwise we reserve the right to display all images.

10) If we are getting married at a venue too far for you to travel, can you just send us the birds for us to release?
No reputable company will do this. The birds need to be cared for during their journey, and prior to release. Also if it is too far for us to travel, it is too far for us to train the birds so they will not return home and probably perish in the wild. We are however happy to recommend several White Dove Release companies throughout the UK who commit to the same standards of practice as we do.

 11) I can't decide between your packages, what has the most meaning?
This is down to individual choice. There is something special about having a pair of birds, it demonstrates love and is an intimate moment between you and your partner. To involve the family, our silver package is quite emotional and is our personal favorite. However you can have all this and then create a real WOW factor by releasing from more birds from a decorated basket!

12) I don't really want to pay very much as my budget is limited, what are the alternatives to hiring a professional company?
Sorry - None!
This is a specialist service and for the welfare of the birds as well as the aesthetic of the release will be at risk if you choose a self release, or an inexperienced person.
We have heard of pigeon fanciers turning up with the birds in a box/basket. Whilst you could almost guarantee the birds will be well looked after, trained and handled well, the person bringing them probably will have no experience in co-ordinating the photos and speaking in public, so will not add a special touch to your day by just releasing birds from a basket.

The other option people consider is to purchase doves from breeders or garden centres. This means that once released the birds will either hang around the area where they have been released either to get shot or become hawk food.... Or more inhumanely starve to death. Anyone using this method will face action by the RSPCA if caught. And it is likely you will get caught as more and more people are reporting this practice. If we ever see evidence of it we too will report it to the RSPCA. It will also offend your guests when they just see the birds fly to the nearest tree or rooftop and stay there. People will know what will happen to these poor birds and will not enjoy the wedding (this is a quote from a guest we spoke to that experienced this)

13) Another company said they bring extra birds, so if the photographer misses the release, we can have a 2nd go, do you do this?
No, we wouldn't need to. This in our view is a sign that the company has a lack of confidence in their ability to direct proceedings professionally - and also maybe a lack of experience. If you were in need of a 2nd shot, the dove release would lose its meaning, credibility, and your guests would lose interest.We give clear instruction to you and the photographer so that the 1st time goes as planned. However, we do bring a spare dove for you and/or your guests to have extra photographs with following the release ceremony. This dove does not get released. (please see our beautiful images this can help produce!) We also offer a free practice session so you know what to expect on the day. It doesn't  take long on the day itself to hand the doves to you, but we feel its good if you know how it actually feels to hold and release a dove. Plus you get to see how well the doves live!

14) We are considering an Owl or other bird of prey to deliver our rings during the ceremony, we have been informed this can be stressful for the doves, is this true?
YES. These birds of prey hunt and attack doves, and even though they would not cause any actual harm (because the doves are caged and the Owl tethered) the doves will sense danger and become distressed. We would not bring our doves to any event where birds of prey will be in the sight of our doves - sorry.

15) Why are you a bit more expensive than some others in your area?
Truth is, often we are not. Our standard charge for 2 doves is £175 for a wedding or event, may be a little more if we need to travel to Bristol or Swansea. But most of the venues that recommend us ( there aren't many that don't in SE Wales) we apply a discount of £25 which often makes our costs a little less than that of any other operator. But, we have a very large flock of doves, and that is so we can assure you that they NEVER need to be taken off their nest, and we have enough to select birds in good feather during moulting season. If we kept around 50 doves, we wouldn't be able to make you that promise, and 300+ doves is a lot of mouths to feed. 

16) Why is it more expensive for a wedding than it is for a funeral?
We are generally in attendance at a funeral for 30 minutes compared to 90 at a wedding. Funeral services are seldom late. Prep wise, the cages tend not to be so dressed, so that costs less time and money too.