The Vintage - natural shabby chic 

We have a varied selection of cages; our search for the "right type" of cage - so that they are comfortable for the birds as well as giving you a choice of the best we can find, takes us far and wide and we never stop looking. We NEVER put 2 birds in one cage for a wedding; not just because of the size of the cage, but for their individual well being.
On the day of your event, our cages are decorated especially for you;  we use good quality fabric flowers and ribbons and are happy to use fresh roses if required at no extra cost. We have recently had a bespoke giant Heart designed and made for us by the fantastic team at Alexis Joinery In Cardiff.

Display Cages for Dove Release in South Wales

The Ornate - available in White

Tear Drop - available in White (Tears of Joy!!)

Hearts & Flowers

On booking, please give us your choice of cages. We have more than 1 pair of most.

Due to the transportation and set up process of our giant heart, there is a £50 additional fee for this stand.

All our other cages are free of charge with whatever package you choose.

Display Cages & Baskets

Cinderella - available in ivory

The Victorian - cage available in White, Ivory and Gold.