The video is one we did to remember loved ones for some of our followers on Facebook. We do try to "give something back" whenever we can, and this was our way of saying thank you to those who had booked us and supported us over the years.

Some people like to celebrate the Birthday of a loved one that has passed away. This can be done in a solemn tradition, or as a celebratory birthday party at the graveside. In fact, it is becoming increasingly popular for family and friends to gather and actually have a birthday party in honour of the person that is missed. This is a great way to remember someone - especially if that person was fun loving. Releasing Doves after a reading or poem and a toast to celebrate their lives, and what they meant to us, seems to be an uplifting way of remembering someone special. As with all our services, the reading/poem is written especially for you.

Communities, charities, funeral directors etc sometimes arrange events to raise awareness of local activities and celebrations. We have been asked to provide our doves for various reasons over the years including, World Kidney Day, AASC, Cancer Research, and Christmas Memorials which usually pull a community or town together to remember loved ones.

Again we can write an appropriate speech or poem to reflect the meaning of the White Dove at your Celebration of Life, Remembrance or commemoration.

Memorial Dove Release

Some families get together on the anniversary of the passing of their loved ones, to remember them, place flowers, say a prayer and release Doves as a token of remembrance. It brings a focal point to the gathering, and many say, comfort too.


Once again my family and I cannot thank you enough for the amazing,stunning service that you and Rod provided for lizys birthday memorial. Your outstanding professionalism and kindness are second to none !! For anyone reading and considering a very special attention to detail moment for a very dear loved one we very highly recommend Lynne & Rod to make your moments so special ! nothing is too much trouble for them ! same date time & place next year please :)xxx
With love & Very Best Wishes (see u next year)

Julie Fry & family
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Swindon) ​