Our Doves are transported to your venue in a blacked out vehicle (so they will rest) in baskets approved to hold 20 birds - but we keep a maximum of 6 birds in each basket, which has an attached drinking trough; this was especially designed for us as you cannot buy them. They are transferred to their display cages at the last possible moment ready for your event. The time in their cages cannot exceed 90 minutes, for their wellbeing.
We are full members of the Welsh Homing Union and have been for 30 years; as such abide by their regulations regarding the welfare of our Doves. This includes loft hygiene,  how we transport our Doves to events, and providing evidence of vaccinations on each registered bird.

If looking around to compare Dove Release suppliers it is not just the cost that you need to consider. How well are the Doves looked after? If not cared for, this will certainly show up on your photographs.

Some images show staining on tail feathers, indicating the doves are kept in cramped or unhygienic housing. Staining on the breast could indicate the doves are feeding young; we would never take ours off the nest; with such a large flock, we dont need to.
Also look at how the doves are being held. Some images show the doves being held incorrectly which can cause the dove to be "thrown or dropped" rather than released properly. We take our time with you on your day, but also offer a practice session so you and our doves can be happy with each other when your day arrives.

The Doves

About Us & Our White Doves

Our customers are very welcome to visit us where they can see how the doves are looked after. Any Dove Release supplier should offer you this option, and also give you opportunity to be shown how to handle the doves correctly before your day - for your confidence. 

ASK US ANYTHING regarding the nutrition, welfare, training, conditioning and breeding of the Rock Dove. We are expert regarding all aspects of animal welfare pertaining to our flock. We understand how important it is for you to have peace of mind, so ASK US ANYTHING. This is a very wordy page, but we feel you need to be 100% confident that we know about our flock, we care about their welfare, and they get the best life possible.

Every year our Doves are vaccinated against disease which is certified, and preventative treatments given regularly for common irritations these birds are prone to encounter. Vitamins, minerals are given on a daily basis along with a few natural trade secrets such as garlic and cinnamon to enhance the performance of flight and ensure the best possible chance of a return home. We are often asked how our doves are so white; the answer is by keeping their environment clean. They shower in rain water, the only thing we do is give their feet a little polish before your event!  Our Doves once released will often "beat us" home, even from distances of 100 miles, testimony, we believe to the fact that they love their home.  

Although in all our readings, we inform your guests that the doves return home, we always get word to you that the doves are home safe. 

We use the White Rock Dove which is the same genus as the intelligent homing pigeon. These are strong flyers and can find their way home from distances of 500 miles! How exactly they do it is a mystery, but we do know the love of home is a big inspiration for them to fly back.Our White Rock Doves are fed the best corn, fly freely around the lofts and are taken on regular training flights. They are fit, healthy, happy and in pristine condition – like all excellent athletes! We breed our own Doves to ensure they are born of good stock and treated with the utmost respect and care from day 1. Our doves are NOT racing pigeons...we do not enter them in any races.

Although we get copied a lot by other companies (our words, images, even the way we decorate our cages) The one thing that most cant do is match our knowledge of these birds. You and your guests are welcome to interrogate us on anything to do with this breed of bird. We know our stuff, from breeding, to training, nutrition to diagnosing potential life threatening illness. This knowledge doesn't happen overnight, it accumulates over decades.

The People

Lovey Dovey UK was founded in 2007 by

husband & wife Rod & Lynne Morgan

The success of Lovey Dovey is built first and foremost on teamwork and a passion for sharing their beautiful doves with the world! (well Wales!)
With Rods expertise of bird husbandry spanning 3 decades, and Lynne's knowledge of customer service gained with 35 years of experience, you can be assured that The Doves are in very safe hands, and that your needs as a customer are listened to, met and exceeded. The business was created from a genuine love of Rod keeping these birds from the age of 14 - they didn't buy the birds to create a business, they created the business from a love of keeping the birds! Why does that make a difference? Because of the knowledge gained over many years ensures year round health and condition or our flock - and, its not all about the money. Passion, pride and joy turned into a business.

Over the years, we have been lucky to work with many excellent suppliers. We have built up great relationships with them and admire them as people, as well as being impressed with their businesses. In an industry that see many come and go, also witnessing some very poor quality of service and product, we, along with a few other like minded professionals founded The Wedding Guild of Wales. The bringing together of almost 70 of the most established and reputable suppliers in Wales, resulted in the creation of My Wonderful Welsh Wedding. Unlike other directories and media, no supplier can pay to join, they need to be recommended onto the guild by at least 3 other established members. It is a great place to shop for any event. Take a look at the website, you probably recognise many of the suppliers as being synonymous with quality.