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Lovey Dovey UK was founded in 2007 by husband & wife Rod & Lynne Morgan

The success of Lovey Dovey is built first and foremost on our own wonderful marriage,  teamwork and a passion for sharing our beautiful doves with the world! (well Wales!)

With Rods expertise of bird husbandry spanning 3 decades, and Lynne's knowledge of customer service gained with 35 years of experience, you can be assured that The Doves are in very safe hands, and that your needs as a customer are listened to, met and exceeded. 

The business was created from a genuine love of Rod keeping these birds from the age of 14 - we didn't buy the birds to create a business, we created the business from a love of keeping the birds! Why does that make a difference? Because of the knowledge gained over many years ensures year round health and condition or our flock - and, its not all about the money. Passion, pride and joy turned into a business.


Many people visiting our site will be planning their wedding, just like we did 21 years ago! We have remained committed to each other in all aspects of our life. As business owners, as partners, as parents, Grandparents and friends! We love our doves and our business, we also love food - especially cake! Planning our blessing 6 years ago reiterated what a stressful time organizing any event can be. So we understand the importance of giving a top notch service and genuinely appreciate every booking we are trusted with.

Both of us have built strong relationships with other wedding suppliers, wedding venues and funeral directors. We value every one of them, and are thankful that our little business has gained us some lifelong friends too! 



Rod is in charge of the flock, their welfare, training, breeding, preparation and maintains their home. Rod spends practically all his spare time with the birds - that is when he is not eating cake!

His passion for animals in general is incredible, but its our birds that have his devotion. A keen "pigeon fancier" since the age of 14, his wealth of knowledge is second to none. In fact, this business was started because of the research he was doing for his racing pigeons health & nutrition!

Others often copy our way of doing things as far as events go, but one thing for sure, no one providing this service in Wales and boundaries has the experience or expertise that Rod has regarding the White Dove - no one comes close!


We, and our Doves are very lucky to have him! 


Lynne comes from a sales and marketing background and is extremely passionate about customer service - or the excellence of it. Always striving to ensure every customer has an experience they will treasure. When Rod came across the idea of starting a dove release business, it was Lynne who put the wheels in motion, doing months of research and even more months of planning before launching in March 2007.

Lynne looks after customer contact, and predominantly social media - although Rod has taken the reigns on this too now he has been trained to let go of his technophobia! 

Also a passionate and genuine people person, Lynne is at ease with anyone and everyone.  One customer  wrote a review saying "everyone needs a Lynne on their wedding day" and this she says is her biggest achievement to date! 

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