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Cost of Hiring Our Dove Release Services

Our costs are based on a number of factors, and reflect the time we spend breeding, training and nurturing our doves, plus the time and cost of maintaining their quite significant housing! We only use the best feed, supplements and medications, all of which comes at a cost. The display materials such as flowers, again we only use the best we can find. We have a service guarantee so you can have confidence your money is well spent on doves that are pure, pristine and extremely well cared for.

Please see prices on page of the service you require 

releasing a flock of white doves at a wedding

Terms & Booking Conditions
Wedding & occasions bookings; a minimum of £65 (depending on distance)non refundable reservation fee is payable upon booking but we can be flexible on this, please contact us to discuss. We can also help with a payment plan if required. Because we need to breed, train and prep our flock for our events, planning is crucial for their welfare and is often done 12-18 months prior to your wedding depending on month or event. The majority of the total cost is spent 8 weeks before a wedding.  We only send our birds to between 4-6 weddings a year. So this is the reason, when you book, the reservation fee is non refundable.
On top of this, there are only so many weddings per day we can do. We may well have turned down other bookings to keep your date and time, we will have trained your birds, which comes at a cost of time and money. We will honour our commitment to our customers. 
When you book us for your wedding, we are part of your team.

The balance must be paid in full 4 weeks prior to your event, failure to do so will put your booking at risk. Cancellations must be made in writing and if received 4 weeks or more before your event, the balance will be refunded according to the expense incurred by us for training the birds for you. Cancellations by you after the 4 week period, full payment is due. If, due to unforeseen circumstances we cannot attend your event, a full refund will be paid. Should this be within a reasonable notice period, we will do our best to source a reputable replacement. 

Being on time for your wedding or occasion will ensure the doves are released within the specified time. Due to
animal welfare, the doves cannot stay confined to their cages for longer than 90 minutes. Delays and failure in adhering to agreed times, may result in your doves not being released and no refund will be issued.

The doves cannot be released in poor weather. Rain, heavy showers, fog, mist, high winds, electrical or snow storms will prevent the doves from safely getting home.  Should this be the case, we will still turn up on your day and provide the service up to the point of release. In this rare scenario a part refund will be given - display only packages start from £95, and a free service will be offered at our local park for a future anniversary. Some local venues are fine for the doves to fly from during light rain.

We will always turn up suitably and smartly dressed for your event, and our doves will be healthy, fit and pristine.
We will, regardless of whether you have had a practice, take our time with you on the day when handing over our doves for you to release. We will ensure you are happy and confident, and they are comfortable in your hands.

How we use your data. If you have contacted us via any media online, your details are held securely in a password protected device with access only to the owners of Lovey Dovey UK.  Your details are not shared with any third party for any reason. We will only contact you if you have expressed an interest in our services. There are no cookies on our site.

We would like to use some images for our website. The use of images on social media will be with your permission. We would never put images on of your wedding on the same day they are taken.

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