Megan's Welsh Cakes

Megan's welsh cakes was founded in 2009 by Rod & Lynne Morgan, as an additional business to Lovey Dovey UK
Megan (Major) took over the role of Mam when I was 14, and taught me how to cook many things, but her welsh cakes were fabulous. Megan passed away at the great age of 91 in March 2011, living most of her life at heart of the welsh valleys, in Meardy, Rhondda. Her legacy was passed down to me, and from that Megan's Welsh Cakes was established. Rod now has the secret mix off to a fine art too, you will not be disappointed by the flavour!

Our Platters make ideal canapes or great to put on a dessert table or sweet cart at weddings & events. Cost start from £20 for 40 midi cakes.


Price Loose

Traditional Flavour                                    40p, 50p 55p

Chocolate Chip                                           45p 55p 60p

White Chocolate & Cranberry                    55p 60p 70p

Pistachio & Lemon                                      55p 60p 70p

Coconut                                                       45p 55p 60p                                     Jam Split                                                      50p 60p 65p

Lindor Dipped                                            65p 70p 75p

Add 75p per wrap per favour

We us Megan's original recipe which always insisted on the best Welsh butter, free range eggs and a secret blend of spices. We have a current hygiene rating of 5.


© 2007-2021 by Lynne Morgan


Pontypridd, South Wales

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