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White Doves for Memorials & Commemorations 
When people wish to remember someone, something or an event, a Dove Release by Lovey Dovey UK can be a spiritual, uplifting way to bring a focal point to the gathering.
Some of our most requested services

In Memory of A Loved One


Some families get together on a special Birthday or anniversary of their Loved One. This is done sometimes at the graveside, and often at a special place. Following a reading or poem, that has been written especially for you, the releasing of a dove(s) is an uplifting and celebratory way in which to raise a toast to those cherished memories. 

Mother & Father Days Memorials


When we loose a parent, we think of them daily, and that never stops. Once a year, we have many people that book us to celebrate the lives of their parents on Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and sadly, sometimes both. Some people prefer a single dove just to say "I'm thinking of you" whilst others release one for each sibling or to commemorate the years that have past. Again, our bespoke readings or poems will give the Dove Release a special meaning for you. 

Charity Events & Celebrations of Life


Charities often have annual celebrations to raise awareness of their cause and to raise funds. Some people organise similar in their community along with Funeral Directors hosting memorial services within their communities. Our services are often used at events such as World Kidney Day, Road Peace, AASC, Cancer Research Days etc.  With our unique and meaningful readings, along with our stunningly beautiful Doves, an uplifting but often poignant message is loud and clear.  

We were part of a team of Dove Release Suppliers that simultaneously released doves throughout the uk in support of our NHS, Funeral Directors and front line staff. This was also done to remember those that lost their lives to Covid19, and raised over 10,500 in the process for NHS charities.

Celebration of Life that took place Christmas 2020 at Glyntaff Cemetery 

Christmas time is a particularly difficult one if you have lost someone you love. Whenever we can, we host a Dove Release for people to come together to celebrate the memory of their loved ones.

This video was taken after many of our followers wished to remember their loved ones. Over 100 doves were released to pay tribute to their memory.

In 2018 we will be looking to hold a Memorial service in partnership with one of our local funeral directors. Keep an eye on our blog for further updates. 

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