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Today we focus on some recent feedback we have received about our website. We have tried our hardest to let our website give you a "feel" of what we are about as a business, as people, and as the custodians of our flock. Many web designers tell us it has too much text. Sorry, we disagree, and so do our customers! We feel our calibre of customers are caring, and do wish to know how we look after our flock. They don't just want to see pretty pictures and prices, they want to know how we train our birds, and that they are booking a company that looks after their flock with care, expertise and ethically. They want to see the people behind it all as well as what the business offers. We believe we have brought that to you, and the comments we have had this last few days have been awesome.

Even those that have called us and we were unable to supply because we were either out of area or fully booked have said how much they enjoyed reading our site. A couple we met at a fayre last Sunday that didn't book on the day, called us after seeing our website and shopping around. They told us it gave them confidence that we are the people they want to spend their money with.

Many days went into getting this "right" but many years of experience and knowledge to build its content; it is always a work in progress. We still have our links page to finish off which will be done in the next 2 weeks.

So thank you for some humbling feedback, it does make our day!

1 comment

1 Comment

Alex Lewis
Alex Lewis
Apr 06, 2020

What is your website like on different devices? What is your percentage of mobile visitors and have you created the site with them in mind? I have created a responsive website at that alters its size depending on the device that it is viewed on.

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